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My qualifications include extensive “Hands On” experience with Porsches. Here are some specifics: owned and operated a successful Porsche Repair business for ten years; Porsche appraiser for over fifteen years; National Technical Chairman of Porsche Club of America from 1981 through 2001 –and am currently the PCA Senior Technical Advisor. My Porsche related writing experience includes: Excellence Magazine’s Technical Editor since 1987, Flat 6 Magazine and Talon Pointe, both French magazines; the Porsche Post and 911 & Porsche World, both British magazines; The 911 & Porsche Magazine, a Japanese magazine; Christophorus, the Porsche factory magazine; and Porsche Panorama, Porsche Club of America’s monthly publication. I have authored additional Porsche related articles published both here and abroad. The second edition of my book on Porsche 911’s, Porsche 911 Performance Handbook, was released in December 1996.

I have been working on Porsches since 1962; 911’s since 1966. In the winter of 1966-67 some friends and I bought a half a dozen engines that were badly damaged in a shipwreck off the Azores. New 911’s were being transported by sea, the ship was rammed by another, the hold flooded, the cars broke loose and the bodies were unsalvageable. But we were able to buy the engines. We tore those engines down, resurrected them and installed them in 911’s that were in need of an engine for one reason or another and also converted a couple of 912’s to 911’s.

911 engines. I was able to put my education into play as a member of a winning race team. We won the prestigious Porsche Cup, Porsche Team Cup, IMSA GTR, GT, and GTO championships along with the FIA World endurance championship. My education continues today as I help others learn about these great cars via my technical articles and books; by offering instruction through our Porsche training courses started in 1986; and by giving technical presentation lectures on Porsches and the 911 engines.

As Technical Advisor, Porsche Club of America, and Technical Editor,Excellence Magazine, I write an ongoing technical Q&A; column as well as feature articles for these publications. Excellence Magazine also publishes my series of ongoing articles entitled “Porsche Market Report”. This series reflects on the market value of various Porsche models. Additionally, I sit on the Advisory Board of N.A.D.A. Exotic, Collectible and Special Interest Cars. Many articles I have written deal not only with Porsche technical information, but on all aspects of interest to Porsche enthusiasts including coverage of events such as the annual Porsche Parade, Speedsterfest, La Carrera Panamericana, Daytona and Le Mans races.

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